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The success of Brabo Flooring is founded on more than 75 years of a shared passion amongst the specialists, who have dedicated their lives to wood. Indeed our employees have two professions: they manufacture, and install solid parquet floors.
Brabo Flooring
Albert Roels used to build luxury boats offshore, when he purchased a burnt out parquet flooring factory in 1936. With nothing more than enthusiasm, a passion for wood and five employees, he had the factory up and running in no time. That is how Parket Brabo was born.
Not only did the company survive the wars and economic troubles of the 20th century with verve, but Albert also passed on his passion for wood to his sons. In the 70’s, Brabo opened showrooms throughout Flanders, and the name gained renown abroad as well.
Since 2004, the headquarters of Brabo have been established at Eilandje in Antwerp. In 2012, the name was changed to Brabo Flooring, since the passion for installing floors and parquet flooring now also includes customised carpets.
Today, Brabo Flooring is therefore a dynamic team of people with a love for materials and for curious customers. A company with a long history and a bright future.
WOCANash Andrea Blanchon