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Solid & composite

parquet flooring


The success of Brabo Flooring is founded on more than 75 years of a shared passion amongst the specialists, who have dedicated their lives to wood. Indeed our employees have two professions: they manufacture and install solid parquet floors.
Apart from the installation and restoration of parquet floors, we can also you customisation. We make the following in our workshop, among others:
  • convector grills,
  • lining of stairs and steps,
  • star motifs,
  • lining of baths and jacuzzis
  • etc.
’Scraping’ and polishing
Sanding is a mechanical process. With an abrasive belt, the parquet surface is fully sanded till it is smooth. The rough parquet is now ready for treatment as per choice.
Parquet floor scraping is a real art. Our employees meticulously ‘scrap’ the top layer of the parquet floor by hand. This technique creates an uneven surface and an impressive aging effect.
You can also approach us for restoration or repair of your parquet floors. We approach the task with great professional skill: old parquet floors are again sanded or scraped by hand, damaged floors are repaired, missing components are added, and stains are removed. All this is carefully done to ensure that the authenticity of the original floor is preserved.