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Solid & composite

parquet flooring


Our solid and composite parquet floors are manufactured from European or American oak. We finish them at site or in our workshop.

Are you interested in other types of composite parquet floors? We would be happy to help you
Solid parquet floors
Solid parquet floors cover the floor with 7 to 25 mm thick solid wood. The precise thickness and the size of the elements determine how the parquet flooring is installed. There are various types of solid parquet floors. You will find them further down on this page.
Board flooring
Board flooring is timeless, and can fit in with any style and symbolises longevity. Board flooring always creates a very pleasant, warm atmosphere. Thanks to modern treatment and maintenance methods, board flooring is used in a wide range of applications. Board flooring consists of boards of equal width, or with a playful interplay of wide and narrow boards. With or without a sub-parquet, depending upon the types of boards used, and their thickness.
Aged parquet floors
The rustic quality of aged parquet floors reflects the beauty of aged parquet floors. The creative possibilities are endless. Through the interplay of shapes, structural elements and colour compositions, each order grows into a wonderful final result.
Here, the skill of the experienced floor installers comes fully into play. With a subtle balance between light and shadow, motifs give your interior that extra accent. Classic parquet patterns also create a stunning effect in modern interiors. From Versailles to a traditional herringbone - again a wide range of choices.
The classic panelling par excellence. These panels were made based on the French trianon or braiding style, and finished with a board consisting of parquet strips. This motif exists in a variety of variants (from 50 to 100 cm)
The classic parquet pattern with an exclusive look, available in various sizes.
Layered strips with boards laid in a point pattern (45° or 60°). Hungarian point is often confused with herringbone. The difference is that the floor components are arranged with respect to each other at an angle. The appearance of a Hungarian point may be somewhat more understated and more contemporary than a herringbone floor.
Bamboo and Exotic board flooring
Bamboo is a durable product, relatively new on the market. Bamboo is popular due to its natural and contemporary look.
In turn, exotic parquet floors are known for their intense hues, and lend your interiors a distinctive and stylish touch. These floors are often used in bath and shower rooms. You can request Teak, Merbau, Wengé, Iroko, Doussié, Jatoba and many more exotic parquet floors, from Brabo Flooring.
Layered parquet floors
Layered flooring consists of two or more layers. The top (or ‘wear and tear’) layer of fine wood has a thickness of between 3 and 6 mm. The underlying layers may be of MDF, OSB or birch, and are what give the layered parquet floor stability – highly suitable for use with underfloor heating. They can be easily and quickly installed.
Many of the finishes that we offer on our solid parquet floors are also offered in our composite flooring range. Brabo Flooring completes the finishing at site or in the factory.
Tailor-made finishing
A custom-finished parquet floor means a parquet floor customised to your needs. Everything starts with a sincere interest in you as a customer or an architect. What is the mood that you wish to invoke? What is the story that you wish to tell? What are the styles that you prefer? These are the questions we ask you when you visit our showrooms.
Finished collections
Through the years, Brabo Flooring has built up a beautiful range of finished collections. These parquet floors can be delivered and installed ex-stock. Which again is very budget friendly.
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