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Solid & composite

parquet flooring


Parquet flooring and fitted carpets have a number of things in common. They fit in easily with every décor, taste and vision.

Brabo collaborates closely with carpet manufacturer Nash Andréa for its carpet collections. We can therefore assure architects and private individuals of top quality, and a smooth delivery process.
Customised carpets
Fitted carpets
A soft or robust texture? Or just somewhere between the two? A shade lighter or darker?
When we come to fit your carpets, we bring with us the same experience and craftsmanship with which we install our parquet floors. Although our range of carpet collections is new, our staff are by no means novices in this specialised field.
Stair coverings
Durable and wear resistant. Reliable and safe. Seamless fit. These are requirements that you expect stair coverings to meet. We can discuss what you have in mind with you in our showrooms, and how we can go about implementing it.
Customised decorative carpets
Carpets can be the foundation for every successful interior. But you can also approach Brabo Flooring for ornamental carpets - the perfect accessory - the very icing on the cake!
Nash Andrea carpets
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